Wi-Fi access has become an essential hospitality amenity for many travellers, no matter how wild the destination. Access to Wi-Fi influences traveller destination decisions and also provides guests with the opportunity to share their experiences online – free marketing for you! 

Visiting a game reserve is all about amazing sightings and experiences that people want to capture, relive and share with friends and family back home. But these days, there’s more to recording these moments on the family camera or video camera – most of your guests (even the young ones) will have their own digital devices that let them capture personal memories as they happen. That’s why providing Wi-Fi at your lodge gives your establishment the upper hand when it comes to your guests’ experience. 

While on safari, many of your guests will want to share the thrill of their experiences with friends and family on social media channels. Having decent bandwidth will keep your tech-savvy travellers social and sharing. 

Take advantage of the free exposure 

TripAdvisor’s TripBarometer 2017-2018 shows that one in ten travellers use content posted by other travellers when deciding on a destination. When your guests share their experiences on their social platforms, their networks will have the opportunity to learn about your establishment – it’s free marketing of the best kind; through word of mouth! 

Hashtag happy

Encourage guests to post about your establishment by providing a catchy hashtag including the name of your business. You can take this idea even further by offering prizes for the best pictures taken at your destination and tagged with the target hashtag, or perhaps you can create a special ‘selfie spot’ at a place of interest or somewhere with an amazing view. 

Considerations for Wi-Fi access 

  • Will your Wi-Fi be free or will you charge a fee for guests to use it?
  • How far will your coverage extend?
  • Will Wi-Fi be available in common areas, rooms or both?
  • Will guests need to enter a code to access the internet? 

Wi-Fi when you’re further away

These days, most 4-5 star lodges in South Africa offer Wi-Fi in rooms or in communal lodge areas. But getting decent connectivity in rural and wild areas can be a challenge. At Bundu NetworX, we specialise in expanding our network to destinations that are ‘off-the-beaten-track’. Get in touch to find out about coverage in your area: https://bundunetworx.co.za/.