Series? Movie? Documentary?

Comedy? Drama? Action?

Golden oldie? Hot and happening?

Midnight? Morning?

Whatever you want to watch, whenever and wherever you want to watch it – that’s what video on demand (VOD) is all about.

What is video on demand? 

VOD services give you access to a wide array of movies, programme and other content which you can watch at any time, and in any place. 

How does VOD work?

Most of the VOD services offered in South Africa use a subscription-based, advert-free model. This content is streamed to you by a VOD service provider over the internet to practically any device with an internet connection, and the necessary app or website browser.

So, which are the best VOD service providers in South Africa? 

Here’s our list of the top 3: 

#1 Netflix

Netflix has been around in the USA for over a decade, but only launched officially in South Africa in 2016. Although Netflix had a wide array of content available, there are still fewer programmes on the South African Netflix compared to some international territories, mainly due to licensing restrictions enforced by production studios and distributors.

How much does it cost?

Basic package: R99 per month

Standard plan: R139 per month

Premium plan: R169 per month

#2 ShowMax 

ShowMax is arguably the biggest competition of Netflix in South Africa. Officially launched in 2015, ShowMax is owned by Naspers, the same company that owns MultiChoice (DStv). Premium shows tend to debut on DStv before being released on ShowMax. 

How much does it cost?

R99 per month

#3 Amazon Prime Video

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video was initially launched in the USA. over a decade ago. Owned by, Amazon Prime Video launched in South Africa in late 2016. Due to geographic licensing, most programmes on Amazon Prime Video can’t be streamed to us because Amazon doesn’t hold the license for them in South Africa. 

How much does it cost?

$3 (about R45) for the first six months

How to access VOD services:

There are four major components you need to enjoy VOD:

  1. A connected device (smart TV, cellphone, computer, a gaming console, or a media box).
  2. You’ll need to install an app on the device or access the service through a website interface. 
  3. The device needs to be connected to a decent internet connection (most service providers suggest a minimum speed of 3Mb/s for a picture quality equivalent to HDTV). 
  4. A subscription to the service provider of your choice. 
Did you know? The official Netflix Help section says that streaming movies and TV shows through Netflix will use approximately 1GB per hour on standard definition and 3GB per hour for high-definition quality video.

The benefits of VOD are clear – it’s cheaper, more flexible, more customisable than traditional satellite TV – provided you have a decent internet connection. 

Dreaming of streaming?

At Bundu NetworX, we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from VOD, no matter how remote your location. We specialise in expanding our network to destinations that are outside of urban areas, so get in touch to find out about coverage in your area: