Listed amongst the TOP TEN most annoying and frustrating things in life and coming in at Number 3 is your INTERNET CONNECTION DYING, DOWN.  SNAILS PACE. INTERMITTENT OR KAPUT!

Let us consider WHY this is happening? 

  1. You haven’t paid your bill
  2. Someone has inadvertently bumped OR pulled out a plug or cable
  3. There’s a been a storm which may have damaged your equipment
  4. Your provider has got a problem
  5. There could be a general regional issue
  6. Theft or vandalism of your providers equipment – Towers/Cables/Fibre etc

Best way to handle this situation:

Turn your router/modem off – leave for a bit and then turn it back on.

Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) giving as much information as you have for example; a thunder storm in the vicinity, electrical surge, trees coming down etc


Nature is beyond our control

We are trying our very best to attend to each individual customer’s needs, politely and as quickly as HUMANLY possible.

Some equipment is old.  We cannot possibly keep track of who’s equipment is doing what.  Your cellular data/airtime provider doesn’t know if you have an old brick or a state- of- the- art smart phone.  That’s up to you.

Its most definitely our responsibility if one of our towers goes down – which – with powerful storms, thunder and lightning – can happen fairly frequently.  We ALWAYS attend to these with the utmost urgency.

Speak nicely.  Our aim is first and foremost HAPPY, SATISFIED CUSTOMERS.

Don’t be a Dingbat.  Check your Dongle.