Finding Fibre

Stuck in the slow lane on the internet?
Change to the fast, reliable alternative.

Fibre is fast

No if’s or but’s. It is the fastest commercially available internet option. NO more lag on your streaming videos and movies, music that streams in one continuous flow, Skype calls that are as clear as sitting in the same room as your friends and family.

Fibre optic transmission

Reliable transmission of your signal means less interruptions to your work and browsing. No cable theft means you can trust that your internet time is not going to be stolen.

No interference

You won’t pick up alien signals (anymore). Or bits and pieces of someone else’s transmissions. Your cable will transmit your signal and message cleanly and clearly.

Get Fast Reliable Fibre Optic Internet

Line Speed Cost Per Month
5Mb/sec R450
10Mb/sec R550
20Mb/sec R650
50Mb/sec R750
100Mb/sec R850

Get Fast Reliable Fibre Optic Internet