‘The Experience’ seems to trump everything these days. Many would profess that they would rather have a travel experience than receive a gift to the same value. It creates memories, educates and gives life experience that can’t be taught in a classroom.

Likewise, the focus of those attending festivals seem to have changed from the ‘who’ is attending and ‘what’ is happening, to the ‘how’. “How is this going to affect me?”

Promoting the Experience

Festival-goers are recording and transmitting event experiences more and more. Whether it be influencers, micro-influencers or even nano influencers, there is no doubt that the trend in transmitting their experience, and at the same time the experience of the event or festival to the world, is growing in demand.

This in turn, for festival organisers creates an opportunity for free marketing and sharing of the festival as it happens.

Festivals often take place in rural areas, which often means the internet signal can be sketchy at best. Live feeds to social and video definitely take more bandwidth. It means that those wanting to share the experience of the festival may find themselves doing so later due to lack of bandwidth or signal.

Unfortunately, in a push-button society, people are accustomed to having instant access and the moment will have past for this free exposure once the festival is over.

With increased connection, more people can share stories and live streaming to build the profile of your festival and experience – extending its reach greatly. 

festival experience

Outdoor festivals should ideally secure fast, short term coverage in the location they are hosting the event. High numbers of secure connections are vital to carrying the story of the festival to the world. The data about user experience and trends can also be dissected and analysed to assist in future marketing efforts.

With festival Wi-Fi, guests get better value for money out of your event. It can be used to create interactive features and attractions at the event with social screens and virtual reality.  

Influencers live for new ways to interact with their audience and share live edgy experiences. Every one of them talks to their audience in a unique way which appeals to them and could potentially boost word of mouth and increase foot traffic in future events.

How we connect at events is more important than ever before. Having the right technology in place to use these tools can mean that the visitor’s experience is memorable and positive, and gets shared to a wider audience beyond your actual physical audience.

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